Skins and backgrounds for Opera 6

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NOTE: simple image skinning is not supported in Opera 7. These instructions are valid in Opera 6 only.

Right-click on any image you fancy, and go to the 'skin' submenu! A background skin is applied to the 'workspace', which you'll only see when it's not covered by a maximized document window. A foreground skin replaces the dull gray color of toolbars and such.

Not skinned: menu bar (File Edit View..), scrollbars, window borders, and column headings (as used in mailboxes and hotlist panes).

from NASA

Great pictures for skinning can be found on the NASA website:

check out this and other pictures in various sizes and colors
Courtesy of SOHO/LASCO consortium. SOHO is a project of international cooperation between ESA and NASA.

John T. Folden's skins

H2O.gif (380x260; 63760 bytes)

openstep.gif (297x233; 17396 bytes)

Work of John T. Folden, used by his permission
See Winstep Software Technologies and The NeXTVIEW

Johan's set of transparent skinning images

background-johan.gif (579x234; 4534 bytes)

skin-johan.gif (579x234; 4542 bytes)
(transparent skin)

Trond's set

background-trond.gif (150x150; 2024 bytes)

skin-trond.gif (498x132; 20733 bytes)

James' skin

skin-james.gif (73x32; 1527 bytes)