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The Panelizer offers Cross-browser panels/sidebars with one-click installation for Opera, Firefox and Mozilla. Includes locally installable CSS and HTML References. Updated 2006-10-13 with a HTTP 1.1 Quick Reference.


Latest addition: Twelve, a Ribbonesque Opera setup. Inspired by the new Ribbon interface design that is being developed for MS Office 12, I wanted to see what you get in Opera, when doing away with the normal top-menu, panels and toolbars. Without sacrificing access to all the functionality Opera has to offer, of course. Each function is now available in one, easy to find, place.

User JavaScript

User JavaScript is a powerful tool to make websites behave like you want!

Tweak weblog

Read my weblog Tweak at My.Opera to see more informal tips on tweaking Opera. There is also a RSS newsfeed for that Blog.

Extreme Makeover: Hugin and Munin

Hugin and Munin shows how to create two totally different versions of Opera. Hugin is a Standalone M2 mail and news client. Munin is a browser-only application, that looks and work just like Firebird (and MSIE, as Firebird closely follows the menu structure and shortcuts of MSIE): simple, but still powerful.

Note: the screenshots and download links have now been updated for 7.5.

Opera Dictionary tool 'ODict'

This standalone profile for Opera provides you with a online tool optimized for doing dictionary, encyclopedia and translation searches. The results are optimized for the small window with Opera's SSR. Read more...

KISS 7.5

Everyday millions of people browse the web with Opera. But sometimes their better halves or their parents haven't seen the light yet. Are you one of those who haven't convinced their girlfriend (or boyfriend)? Or do you want to install Opera on your parents' machine to make the web safer for them, but you are afraid they will be confused by all those options you dearly love yourself? Then maybe this page will help! Read on to set up Opera for partners and parents...

Clean upgrade

The point of a clean install is that you don't retain all settings. Otherwise it wouldn't be clean. If you want to keep current settings and data, the easiest method is to do an upgrade. However, after you do a clean install, you can still import some of the settings and stored information from the older installation. This ranges from very easy to very difficult, depending on what you want. Read more about clean upgrading.

Drag'n'drop buttons

Add buttons to Opera with drag'n'drop from a web page. You can share your custom buttons, and visitors can simply drag them to any toolbar. More info on the drag'n'drop page.

More Tips & tricks

External tricks I use