HTML Elements

aHyperlinkhref; target; download; ping; rel; hreflang; type
addressContact information for a page or article element
areaHyperlink or dead area on an image mapalt; coords; shape; href; target; download; ping; rel; hreflang; type
articleSelf-contained syndicatable or reusable composition
asideSidebar for tangentially related content
audioAudio playercrossorigin; preload; autoplay; mediagroup; loop; muted; controls
baseBase URL and default target browsing context for hyperlinks and forms
bdiText directionality isolation
bdoText directionality formatting
blockquoteA section quoted from another source
bodyDocument bodyonafterprint; onbeforeprint; onbeforeunload; onfullscreenchange; onfullscreenerror; onhashchange; onmessage; onoffline; ononline; onpagehide; onpageshow; onpopstate; onresize; onstorage; onunload
brLine break, e.g. in poem or postal address
buttonButton controlautofocus; disabled; form; formaction; formenctype; formmethod; formnovalidate; formtarget; name; type; value
canvasScriptable bitmap canvaswidth; height
captionTable caption
citeTitle of a work
codeComputer code
colTable columnspan
colgroupGroup of columns in a tablespan
menuitemMenu commandtype; label; icon; disabled; checked; radiogroup; command
dataMachine-readable equivalentvalue
datalistContainer for options for combo box control
ddContent for corresponding dt element(s)
delA removal from the documentcite; datetime
detailsDisclosure control for hiding detailscode title="attr-details-open">open
dfnDefining instance
dialogDialog box or windowopen
divGeneric flow container
dlAssociation list consisting of zero or more name-value groups
dtLegend for corresponding dd element(s)
emStress emphasis
embedPluginsrc; type; width; height; any*
fieldsetGroup of form controlsdisabled; form; name
figcaptionCaption for figure
figureFigure with optional caption
footerFooter for a page or section
formUser-submittable formaccept-charset; action; autocomplete; enctype; method; name; novalidate; target
h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6Section heading
headContainer for document metadata
headerIntroductory or navigational aids for a page or section
hgroupHeading group
hrThematic break
htmlRoot elementmanifest
iAlternate voice
iframeNested browsing contextsrc; srcdoc; name; sandbox; seamless; allowfullscreen; width; height
imgImagealt; src; srcset; crossorigin; usemap; ismap; width; height
inputForm controlaccept; alt; autocomplete; autofocus; checked; dirname; disabled; form; formaction; formenctype; formmethod; formnovalidate; formtarget; height; list; max; maxlength; min; multiple; name; pattern; placeholder; readonly; required; size; src; step; type; value; width
insAn addition to the documentcite; datetime
kbdUser input
keygenCryptographic key-pair generator form controlautofocus; challenge; disabled; form; keytype; name
labelCaption for a form controlform; for
legendCaption for fieldset
liList itemvalue*
linkLink metadatahref; crossorigin; rel; media; hreflang; type; sizes
mainContainer for the dominant contents of another element
mapImage mapname
menuMenu of commandstype; label
metaText metadataname; http-equiv; content; charset
meterGaugevalue; min; max; low; high; optimum
navSection with navigational links
noscriptFallback content for script
objectImage, nested browsing context, or plugindata; type; typemustmatch; name; usemap; form; width; height
olOrdered listreversed; start; type
optgroupGroup of options in a list boxdisabled; label
optionOption in a list box or combo box controldisabled; label; selected; value
outputCalculated output valuefor; form; name
paramParameter for objectname; value
preBlock of preformatted text
progressProgress barvalue; max
rpParenthesis for ruby annotation text
rtRuby annotation text
rubyRuby annotation(s)
sInaccurate text
sampComputer output
scriptEmbedded scriptsrc; type; charset; async; defer; crossorigin
sectionGeneric document or application section
selectList box controlautofocus; disabled; form; multiple; name; required; size
smallSide comment
sourceMedia source for video or audiosrc; type; media
spanGeneric phrasing container
styleEmbedded styling informationmedia; type; scoped
summaryCaption for details
tbodyGroup of rows in a table
tdTable cellcolspan; rowspan; headers
textareaMultiline text fieldautofocus; cols; dirname; disabled; form; maxlength; name; placeholder; readonly; required; rows; wrap
tfootGroup of footer rows in a table
thTable header cellcolspan; rowspan; headers; scope; abbr
theadGroup of heading rows in a table
timeMachine-readable equivalent of date- or time-related datadatetime
titleDocument title
trTable row
trackTimed text trackdefault; kind; label; src; srclang
videoVideo playersrc; crossorigin; poster; preload; autoplay; mediagroup; loop; muted; controls; width; height
wbrLine breaking opportunity

An asterisk (*) in a cell indicates that the actual rules are more complicated than indicated in the table above.