Value Types and Units

Media Queries Rec 2012-06-19

Color Module Level 3 Rec 2011-06-07

Backgrounds and Borders Module Level 3 CR 2012-07-24

Image Values and Replaced Content Module Level 3 CR 2012-04-17

Functional notation

Other Units

Speech Module CR 2012-03-20

Other Units

Values and Units Module Level 3 CR 2013-04-04

Textual Data Types

Numeric Data Types

Distance Units: <length>

Other Units

Defined elsewhere

Functional notation

Custom Properties for Cascading Variables Module Level 1 WD 2013-03-12

Cascading and Inheritance Level 3 WD 2013-01-03

Template Layout Module WD 2011-11-29

CSS 2.1 Rec 2011-06-07