Link style tester - page 3: plus hover


Unvisited link - Visited link (to index) without class.

Unvisited link - Visited link (to index) with class "blauw"

Unvisited link - Visited link (to index) with class "rood".

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BODY {color: black; background: white}
A:link {color: lime; background: transparent}
A.blauw:link {color: blue; background: transparent}
A.rood:link {color: red; background: transparent}
A:visited {color: green; background: gray}
A.rood:visited {color: #900; background: gray}
A.blauw:visited {color: #00C; background: gray}
A:active {color: lime; background: red}
A.blauw:active {color: blue; background: yellow}
A.rood:active {color: red; background: yellow}
A:hover {color: lime; background: black}
A.blauw:hover {color: blue; background: black}
A.rood:hover {color: red; background: black}

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